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PCMODEL: Version 10.0. Full scale molecular modeling featuring easy input of 3-D structures, a large palette of  atom types including cations, anions and radicals, and many predefined small rings, amino acids and sugars. Site licenses and multi copy discounts available.

● OpenGL graphics engine

● Force Fields: MMX, MM3, MMFF94, OplsAA, United Atom

POS Metals with any supported force field

● Interface to Gaussian, Gamess,Turbomol, Ampac, Mopac

● Conformational Searching and automated conversion to Quantum Chemistry input files.

● File Types: PCM, MM3, Mol2, PDB, SDF, Gaussian, Gamess, Mopac/Ampac, Turbomole, MDL,CIF and Smiles.

● Graphics Files: PovRay, Jpeg, PNG, PDF

● Movies: Gaussian IRC, Molecular Dynamics in Avi format.

● Builders: Peptides, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids, Crystals.

● Analyze: Surface Area, Volumes, Chirality, Point Group and Nmr coupling constants.

● Batch, and Normal Vibrational Modes

Prices:  list - $ 3000 for four year license ; academic - $ 400 for four year license. Unlimited academic site license(four years): $ 3500


GMMX: Stochasitic conformational searching in Cartesian and dihedral space. This is a batch version of the routines in Pcmodel and is designed for large scale conformational searching with a minimum of overhead. Gmmx supports all the force fields supported by Pcmodel.

Prices: $ 3000 list , $ 400 academic. Unlimited academic site license: $ 3500


Available For:  Windows (7 and 8.1)

Macintosh OS X (10.5 - 10.9)

Linux  (OpenSuse 12 &13)



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